I have been dismissed

Select this service if you have been unfairly dismissed because:

  • You have been forced out of your job.
  • You have been dismissed without a proper procedure being followed.
  • You have been made redundant unreasonably.
  • You have been asked to leave.
I want to resign

Select If you feel forced to resign (constructive dismissal) because:

  • You are undermined at work.
  • You are being bullied or harassed.
  • You have been demoted.
  • You have been put under unbearable pressure.
  • You have been placed in an untenable position.
I am suffering discrimination

This service can help you if you have been mistreated at work because:

  • You are pregnant (more).
  • Your sex.
  • Your race.
  • Your age.
  • Any disability you may have.
  • Your sexual orientation.

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Jobrights provides advice and support for people who have been unfairly dismissed, discriminated against or who have suffered mistreatment by their employer in England & Wales. This service is managed by regulated UK employment solicitors.

We believe that employment law advice should be both affordable and accessible to all. Very often people need to pay hefty legal fees to get the advice they need. This Website offers you a sensible alternative covering a range of issues:

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We are a firm of solicitors based in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire and are  regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). We offer fixed fee employment law advice so there are no hidden costs.

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