A new study has shown that a third of workers are taking time off work for no good reason.

The study of 2,000 firms by accountants PwC, has found that many employees take time off without a suitable explanation, with almost two-thirds admitting that they had called in sick because they were bored or disillusioned with their job.

PcW say that absenteeism is twice as prevalent in Britain compared to the USA and it costs British businesses about £32bn a year. Calling in sick was the most common excuse given with many also phoning in absent because they claimed their dog was ill. The survey also uncovered other excuses given for not turning up to work, which included, “I fell out of the loft” and “I was beaten up by a bouncer”.

Nick Roden, from PcW, said that that the research also found that the pressures of family life were responsible for many sick days with many taking time off because they were having difficulties trying to achieve a work-life balance.