Constructive dismissal calculator

How much could you be entitled to?

Complete the constructive dismissal calculator below for indication of what you could claim from your employer.

1 Calculate your basic award

Age at dismissal

Can only be used for ages 15 - 80 unless your job's retiring age is different - in which case please call .

Years service

Capped at most recent 20 years service


Gross weekly pay

Max of £571 p/week allowed from 06.04.22


2 Calculate Compensatory Award


Net weekly pay

Including all benefits, e.g. pension, car, insurance

Weeks without pay

Estimate how long it will take you to resume employment


3 Calculate your Final Award


You may also be entitled to up to £300 Loss of Employment Rights

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Constructive dismissal claims – how we can help

We can offer you the following for a fixed fee of £300 plus VAT

  1. An employment solicitor will review your potential claim prior to submission of your claim form – this can include a review of any documents which may be relevant to the matter.
  2. We will provide you with written advice explaining what prospects your case might have and setting out important information about your case and how long you have to make your claim.
  3. If we think your case merits No win No fee representation we will confirm this. Even if your case is not one suitable for No win No fee, there may be a possibility of fixed fee legal representation.
  4. We will forward a comprehensive “Grievance Pack” which for those who have yet to resign, will prove very useful as you prepare for what may lie ahead.

Please get in touch – we can assist you in recovering the compensation you deserve.

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If you do succeed in a claim for constructive dismissal then you may be awarded compensation. Please see this calculator for guidance as to how a tribunal is likely to calculate your claim.

For further information please contact our Employment Law team.

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Please get in touch – we are able to assist you in recovering the compensation you deserve.

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