Settlement agreements

Winston Solicitors (UK) Limited advise many clients each week on their proposed Settlement Agreements (formerly known as Compromise Agreements).

We always ensure that the offer made is appropriate, advising on how much the client is likely to receive if the matter went to Employment Tribunal, the likelihood of success, the timescale and the costs involved.

We are happy to negotiate a Settlement Agreement on behalf of clients, and often agree that the Employer pay most if not all the client’s legal costs.

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Your questions answered

What is a Settlement Agreement?

A legally binding document prepared by your employer setting out all the terms (including any financial settlements) on which your employment relationship will come to an end.

Why do employers offer a Settlement Agreement?

Employers usually offer Settlement Agreements to stop employees from bringing any potentially costly or uncertain claims against them in the Courts or Employment Tribunal.

Who benefits from a Settlement Agreement?

Although it may appear that Settlement Agreements only benefit employers, with our expert advice you can ensure that all issues between you and your Employer are resolved and you receive a fair and appropriate settlement.

We will also help to ensure that the Settlement Agreement covers all relevant points that are important to your particular situation.

What is in a Settlement Agreement?

Usually a document consisting of several pages outlining issues such as:

  • The details of any severance payment you are to receive at the end of your employment.
  • Settlement of any claims the employee may have against the employer.
  • Assurance by the parties that no future legal action regarding your employment relationship will be pursued.
  • The details that will be provided to other employers after your departure.
  • The reference you will receive from your employer (we usually agree the wording of any references).
  • Whether certain matters are required to be kept confidential.
  • Whether there will be any restrictions placed on the employee after leaving the employer.

Can you Change your mind once a Settlement Agreement is signed?
Although you do not have to accept a Settlement Agreement offered by your employer, once you have signed the document, it is seen as full and final settlement of any potential claims you may have against your employer.
If all the required formalities are fulfilled, a Settlement Agreement is a legally binding agreement and cannot be revoked.
Also, an agreement will often contain legal jargon.
For these reasons it is essential that you receive independent legal advice from a qualified solicitor who is adequately insured.

Why choose us?

Our experienced team of employment lawyers and specialist advisors provide expert advice on Settlement Agreements of all levels of complexity.

If the agreement offered by your employer is not adequate, we will negotiate on your behalf to protect your interests and attempt to secure you a more suitable settlement.
When instructing Winston Solicitors (UK) Limited, you will receive creative and practical solutions to your problems with a high level of service and dedication, ensuring that you receive the appropriate termination package.

How much am I entitled to claim?

Use the claims calculator to see how much you may be entitled to claim.

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