Pay As You Go Services


We may be able to assist you with representation and advice if your employer is taking disciplinary action against you.

Grievance Handling

If you have a complaint against your employer then usually the first thing to do is to raise it as a formal grievance with your employer. You may feel unsure as to how best to word it or need advice on how to go about raising a grievance. Whilst a grievance should primarily be written by you, we can advise you on how best to put the grievance together.
Sometimes, your intention in raising a grievance is to seek to elicit a settlement from your employer. Our solicitors are experienced at negotiating with employers and so can assist with this.

Settlement Agreements

Sometimes your employer may offer you a settlement agreement which includes a financial settlement. You do need to receive advice on this agreement and usually, your employer will pay for some or all of this as part of the agreement. We can offer you advice on the agreement.
It may be the case that you don’t agree with the amount offered by your employer and would like to renegotiate with them. We can help you renegotiate the agreement and will usually agree to carry out a fixed amount of work for you.

Tribunal Representation

If you are involved in tribunal proceedings you may find that you have a hearing arranged, which may be a ‘case management discussion’, ‘pre-hearing review’ or ‘final hearing’. Depending on what is involved in this we can usually offer to represent you at the hearing for a fixed fee, which we can agree in advance.

File Reviews

If you have an ongoing dispute or tribunal claim, we can review the paperwork and advise on the prospects of success for a fixed fee of £500 plus VAT. Find out how good your case is and also receive useful advice on how your case might be progressed by opting for this service.

Redundancy Negotiation?

If you are in a redundancy situation, you may be involved in negotiations with your employer and want advice on the process and assistance with the negotiations. For a fixed fee our solicitors can help with this.

Case Review

Sometimes we are unable to assist straight away with your case on a no-win no-fee basis and instead need to review your papers first. We can agree a fixed fee for doing this. On a review of your papers, we will advise of the merits of your case and whether we think it is suitable for a no-win no-fee agreement or not.

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